Best Coffee to Drink

Light, Medium and Dark Roasts: Which Coffee Suits Your Palate?

The world of coffee is rich and diverse, much like the beverage itself. For coffee connoisseurs, the variety in taste, aroma, and body in coffee can be as nuanced as that of wine. 

One of the fundamental aspects that determine these nuances is the roast profile. In this post, we’ll delve into light, medium, and dark roasts to help you find the best coffee to drink based on your palate and preference.

Understanding the roasting process

Roasting transforms green coffee beans into the aromatic brown beans we know and love. The process is both a science and an art, influencing not just the colour but also the taste and aroma of your brew.

Exploring light roasts

Light roasts are roasted for the shortest amount of time. They often have a more acidic profile, showcasing the original flavours of the bean, like fruit, floral, or earthy tones. These beans are ideal for those who appreciate complex and vibrant flavours in their coffee.

What you need to know about medium roasts

Medium roasts strike a balance between the bean's intrinsic flavours and the flavours developed during roasting. They tend to be less acidic than light roasts, with more body and balanced flavour. This makes them the best coffee to drink for those who prefer a harmonious blend of acidity, body, and roast flavours.

And for the robust choice, it’s dark roast

Dark roasts are on the roast spectrum's furthest end. The longer roasting time results in a fuller body, reduced acidity, and flavours that lean towards the roast itself: smoky, chocolatey, or nutty notes. Dark roasts can be the best coffee to drink for those who enjoy bold, rich flavours.

How to find your favourite coffee

Here is a brief guide on how to find the right coffee blend for your palate:

  • Know your taste by identifying if you prefer acidic or rich flavours
  • Learn about light, medium, and dark roasts
  • Choose between single-origin for unique flavours and blends for complexity
  • Experiment with various beans, roasts, and brewing methods
  • Match your preferred brewing method to highlight different coffee aspects
  • Ask experts like baristas and suppliers for personalised recommendations
  • Always buy fresh coffee for better flavour
  • Grind your coffee right to enhance flavour extraction


Best Coffee to Drink

Begin your journey to find the best coffee to drink, with us

Choosing the best coffee to drink comes down to personal preference. Light, medium, and dark roasts offer a spectrum of flavours, and exploring them can be a delightful journey in itself.

Essenza Coffee offers a variety of light, medium, and dark roasted beans for you to explore and enjoy. Whether you're a café looking to offer a broad coffee palette or a home barista seeking to find your perfect cup, we have you covered. 

We offer expertly roasted beans, tailored to your taste preference. No grinder? No worries. We can grind your beans precisely the way you like. Embark on a flavorful journey with Essenza Coffee. Contact us or shop now to find your best coffee to drink.
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