Coffee Cup

Finding a Coffee Cup That Matches Your Personality

A coffee cup is more than just a container for your favourite brew; it's a reflection of your personality and style. At Essenza Coffee, we understand that the right cup can enhance your coffee experience. Let's explore how to find the perfect coffee cup that resonates with your individuality.

How big should a coffee cup be?

The size of your coffee cup depends on your drinking habits. If you enjoy a large, leisurely cup of coffee, opt for a bigger size. For instance. espresso lovers find that a smaller cup is ideal to retain the heat and flavour concentration

What is the proper name for a coffee cup?

The proper name can vary based on the type of coffee. For example, a small cup used for espresso is often called a demitasse. A standard coffee cup is simply referred to as a coffee mug or cup..

What is the most popular mug size?

The most popular mug size typically ranges between 300 ml to 350ml. This size is perfect for a standard cup of coffee, offering ample space for milk or cream while not being too large.

 Here’s a quick guide to some popular cup sizes:

Espresso cup

  • Small size, typically around 60-90ml
  • Keeps espresso warm
  • Often made of porcelain

Cappuccino cup

  • Larger than an espresso cup, usually 150-180ml
  • Wide brim for frothy milk
  • Porcelain material preferred for heat retention

Standard coffee mug

  • Versatile, around 300-350ml
  • Used for various coffee styles
  • Often ceramic, various designs available

Latte glass

  • Tall and clear, about 240-400ml
  • Allows for visible layering of coffee and milk
  • Glass material showcases the drink's aesthetics

Travel mug

  • Insulated and portable
  • Sizes vary, often 350-500ml
  • Ideal for coffee on the go

French press mug

  • Dual-purpose, for brewing and drinking
  • Glass or stainless steel
  • Ideal for direct brewing enthusiasts

What is the best type of cup for coffee?

Porcelain or ceramic cups are often considered the best for coffee as they retain heat well and do not impart any flavours to your brew. Glass cups are also a stylish choice and great for showcasing layered coffee drinks.

Can I put coffee in my Frank Green?

Yes, you can! Frank Green cups are designed to be versatile and suitable for a variety of drinks, including coffee. Their insulation properties keep your coffee warm for longer periods.

Coffee Cup

Essenza Coffee: Your partner in coffee perfection

Choosing a coffee cup that matches your personality is an enjoyable part of the coffee experience. Whether you prefer a classic mug, a stylish modern cup, or an eco-friendly option, the right cup can make your coffee routine even more special. 

However, at Essenza Coffee, we believe that a great cup of coffee starts with the right beans. Explore our selection of premium coffee blends, each crafted to deliver a unique flavour profile that pairs beautifully with your chosen coffee cup.

Here's to the next cup of Essenza Coffee. If you’ve enjoyed this deep dive into coffee facts, be sure to check out the rest of the resources on our blog.

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