How to Brew Coffee

How to Brew The Perfect Cup of Coffee at Home, Every Single Time

The world of coffee is vast and intricate, filled with aromatic nuances and flavours that could take a lifetime to fully explore. For many, the journey begins with learning to brew the perfect cup of coffee at home. 

Essenza offers six different grinds - whole beans, stovetop grind, espresso grind, filter grind, plunger grind, and Aeropress grind. Start every day off the right way by learning how to brew coffee to create the perfect cup time and time again.

How to brew coffee from whole beans

Starting with whole beans gives you ultimate control over the freshness and flavour of your coffee. Grinding your coffee beans immediately before brewing ensures optimal flavour as coffee grounds quickly lose their freshness once exposed to air. 

To brew, you'll need a grinder (burr grinders are preferred for consistent results) and a method of brewing such as a French press, pour-over, or an espresso machine, each requiring a different coarseness of grind.

How to brew coffee from a stovetop grind

Stovetop grinds are perfect for Moka pots, a traditional Italian coffee maker. To brew, fill the bottom chamber with cold water up to the valve, then fill the filter basket with your stovetop grind coffee, levelling it off without pressing it down. 

Screw the top and bottom together and place it on your stovetop on medium heat. When the water in the bottom chamber reaches a boil, the pressure pushes it up through the coffee into the top chamber. Once the gurgling sounds slow, your coffee is ready.

How to brew coffee from an espresso grind

Espresso grind is the finest of all and is designed for espresso machines. To brew, add the espresso grind to your machine's portafilter, tamp it down, and attach it to the machine. 

Ensure your machine's water has reached the proper temperature (typically around 93 degrees celsius), then start the shot. It should take about 20-30 seconds to pull a perfect shot of espresso.

How to brew coffee from a filter grind

Filter grind is ideal for drip coffee makers. To brew, place a filter in your drip coffee maker, add the filter grind coffee (a good rule is one to two tablespoons per six ounces of water), and fill the reservoir with the necessary amount of water. 

Start your machine and let it do the rest. The water will heat up, be dispersed evenly over the coffee grounds, and your coffee will be collected in the pot.

How to brew coffee from a plunger grind

Plunger grind, or coarse grind, is best suited for French press or plunger coffee makers. To brew, add one rounded tablespoon of plunger grind coffee per four-ounce cup into your French press, then add hot water just off the boil. 

Stir, place the lid on but don’t plunge it down yet. Let it steep for four minutes, then slowly plunge. Pour and enjoy immediately.

How to brew coffee from an AeroPress grind

AeroPress grind is a medium-fine grind and, as the name suggests, is designed for use with the AeroPress. To brew, place a filter in the AeroPress cap and rinse with hot water. 

Add AeroPress grind coffee to the chamber, then add hot water (not boiling) up to the desired level. Stir, wait for about a minute, then insert the plunger and press down slowly. The result is a clean, flavourful cup of coffee.

How to Brew Coffee

Now you know how to brew coffee, is it time to stock up?

Learning to brew coffee at home using these grinds is a rewarding and enjoyable skill, allowing you to appreciate the richness and complexity that coffee has to offer. 

Remember, brewing the perfect cup of coffee is an art form. Feel free to experiment with grind size, water temperature, and brewing time to achieve a cup of coffee that's just right for you.

At Essenza, our passion lies in crafting exceptional coffee beans that culminate in an equally remarkable cup of coffee. For a truly personalised coffee experience, we offer our blends in three convenient sizes and six distinct grinds.

If you ever find yourself seeking guidance or simply have a question about our products or coffee in general, don't hesitate to connect with us. After all, coffee isn't just our business, it's our world.

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