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How to Use Plunger Coffee Like a Pro

The art of making plunger coffee, often known as French press coffee, is a revered ritual for coffee aficionados. Essenza Coffee takes pride in guiding you through the process of mastering plunger coffee, ensuring a rich and flavorful brew every time.

What is plunger coffee?

Plunger coffee is a method of brewing that involves steeping coarse coffee grounds in hot water and then separating the grounds from the liquid with a plunger. This technique allows for full extraction of flavours, resulting in a robust and full-bodied cup.

Are coffee plungers good?

Yes, coffee plungers are excellent for extracting deep flavours and oils from the coffee grounds, which paper filters in drip machines often absorb. This method delivers a purer and more intense coffee taste.

How many spoons of coffee do you put in a plunger?

The general rule for plunger coffee is to use one rounded tablespoon of coffee per 200 ml of water. Adjust according to your taste preference for stronger or milder coffee.

How do you make coffee with a plunger?

  • Preheat your plunger with hot water
  • Add coarse ground coffee (one tablespoon per 200 ml of water)
  • Pour hot (not boiling) water over the grounds
  • Stir gently and place the lid on
  • Let it steep for about 4 minutes
  • Slowly push the plunger down
  • Pour and enjoy your coffee

Is plunger coffee stronger than espresso?

Plunger coffee is generally less concentrated than espresso but stronger than standard drip coffee. Its strength can be adjusted by altering the coffee-to-water ratio and steeping time.

Perfecting your coffee ritual

For a truly exceptional plunger coffee experience, let's not overlook the basics. The water you use is as important as the beans - soft, filtered water can bring out the best in your coffee, avoiding any clash with the natural flavours. And speaking of flavour, there's nothing quite like the aroma of freshly ground coffee. We recommend grinding your beans just before brewing. It's a small step, but trust us, it makes all the difference. 

Plunger Coffee

Time to master the art of plunger coffee?

At Essenza Coffee, we believe that experimenting with plunger coffee is an easy and satisfying way to elevate your daily coffee ritual. Don't forget to explore our range of specially curated coffee blends, perfect for all of your coffee adventures.

Whether you’re a seasoned coffee enthusiast or a curious beginner, mastering new ways to enjoy coffee will open up a new world of flavours and experiences. Join us at Essenza Coffee in celebrating the art of great coffee, one cup at a time.

Here's to the next cup of Essenza Coffee. If you’ve enjoyed this deep dive into coffee facts, be sure to check out the rest of the resources on our blog.
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